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Virudol Air

Protect myself and my family

*Information last updated on 20.05.2024

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The Problem

Many viruses can be transmitted through air. This could easily lead to an outbreak of different diseases and prevent people from moving freely in public spaces or oblige them to wear masks and get vaccinated. Therefore, we are developing a system, using natural substance that is able to inhibit airborne viruses and prevent their transmission indoors.

What is the status of the research?

Natural substance have already been identified by MVS Pharma GmbH and through some simulations and experiments, we have been able to confirm its effectiveness in temporarily inhibiting COVID-19. Currently, different prototypes for nebulizing this substance are being tested, and later we will select the most effective one.

Why now?

As a pharmaceutical company, people’s health is our first priority! Given the fact that in recent years, viruses have become a huge problem for humanity, we decided to invest in a solution. And not only a solution, but a completely natural one, with proven effectiveness!

Where is it going to be used?

Virudol air is intended to be used in waiting rooms
of clinics and hospitals where patients could pass infections on.

Who would be able to use it?

We do not target a specific group of people to use Virodul air. It would be used in public spaces to prevent virus transmission on further infections for different groups of people.

How is the market developing, and why are we investing?

We have done extensive research of the market and are proud to say that until now there haven’t been such exact type of purifier created for indoor spaces! However, it is absolutely necessary to have protection indoors, especially at public spaces! This is why we decided to invest in the creation of this device and give people the ability to protect themselves in enclosed spaces!

Competitive Landscape

According to our deep-dive research experts, for now, no other companies have designed any similar product.

*This information was last edited on 20.09.2023

Plastic-free, bio natural product

100% natural substances

Innovative system, developed by us to inhibit airborne viruses

Virudol Air will be able to prevent viral transmission indoors

How we work

Which raw material we choose

As our ingredients for this product are still undergoing patent approval, we cannot disclose this information yet.

*Last edited 28.09.2023

How we check, proof and make quality checks of our raw material, the production, and filling process?

Read all about our Quality check and management processes.

*Virudol air is still in the development phase.