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General Questions about MVS Omega-3

MVS Omega-3 Supplement

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MVS Omega-3 supplement FAQs

Are there heavy metals in MVS Omega-3 supplements?

Our product meets specified regulations and standards. Our fish oil undergoes various purification processes to remove heavy metals and other toxins.  Finally, it contains a very minute amount that means if it contains any heavy metals it’s only under the minimal level.

Are there any additional vitamins or minerals inside MVS Omega-3 supplement?

Yes. Our fish oil products contain d-alpha tocopherol, this is a type of vitamin E and also contains an antioxidant – Rosemary extract

What is the average shelf life of a bottle of MVS Omega-3 supplement, and how should it be stored?

Maximum 24 months [2 years]. Storage conditions: Keep only in original container and store at room temperature.

What is the MVS Omega-3 made of?

Our omega 3 capsules are made up of fish oil . Fish oil contains both EPA and DHA.

What is the sustainability aspect of MVS Omega-3 supplement?

We take its responsibilities seriously with strict adherence to fishing regulations, environmentally friendly ways to create concentrates and a commitment to never source fish oil from unregulated or unsustainable sources.

What percentage of EPA, DHA and vitamins does MVS Omega-3 supplement?

EPA = 400MG
DHA = 300MG
D- alpha tocopherol 0.7mg
Rosmery extract 0.7mg

When and how is it best to take the MVS Omega-3 supplement?

It will take some time for your body’s omega-3 levels to reach their ideal range rather than immediately getting the benefits of a fish oil supplement. Therefore, there is no ideal time to take fish oil to get the optimum outcomes. But to avoid the gastric issues better to take the supplements after meal.

Fish oil supplements can be taken any time of the day. However, if you ask the best time, we would recommend consuming the supplement with one of your meals. Fish oil is better absorbed with meals rather than on an empty stomach.

How are the raw materials inside the capsules of MVS Omega-3 supplement protected from oxidation during all manufacturing and storing processes?

Omega 3 has a more chance of oxidation, so our product contains appropriate excipients which also helps to avoid the oxidation chance. Our Omega 3 supplement contain Rosemary extract which is an antioxidant that helps to avoid the oxidation and also other excipient like d-alpha tocopherol which is a type of vitamin E that also helps to increase the antioxidant activity.

Can you guarantee absolute freshness of the raw materials up until the moment of consummation of each capsule?

Yes. If you store it the appropriate way, we can assure the freshness. Proper storage and the handling condition helps to avoid the damage of the capsule.

Are there heavy metals in the MVS Omega-3 capsules?

No, our product is free from heavy metals and absolutely clean.

Will I have a fishy aftertaste, after taking the capsules?

It depends on the user because some people are more sensitive to these types of tastes.  Fish oil supplements contain omega-3 fatty acid that is derived from fish, which can lead to a fishy aftertaste. So we can’t say the fish oil does not have any fishy aftertaste. The main reason for the taste is due to the natural form and we have not used any flavoring agents to mask the taste. But even if we use any flavoring agents, we cannot mask the taste completely.  Fish oil easily undergoes oxidation and has a chance to have an unpleasant taste.  But our fish oil contains extra antioxidants to prevent the oxidation of fish oil, and our band sealed capsules help to prevent the oxidation. The band sealing also helps to overcome the leakage issues and mask the unpleasant fishy aftertaste or burps.

How big is a MVS Omega-3 capsule?

Our capsule size is 00.

What is the recommended dosage of Omega-3 for children?

Dosage of fish oil supplements will vary in children depending upon the age and gender. Studies indicate that fish oil supplements containing 500-1000 mg is safe for children under 12 years.

Why do the omega-3 capsules consist partly of rosemary extract?

Rosemary extract is an effective natural antioxidant, and it is for food preservation.

How much fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids does one capsule of MVS Omega-3 contain?

Fish oil is a rich source of fatty acids, especially Eicosapentaenoic, Docosahexaenoic and Docosapentaenoic acids. EPA 400mg, DHA 300mg,  DPA 100mg. The total omega 3 content in one capsule of our product is 800mg.

What is the average shelf life of a can of Omega-3 capsules and how should it be stored?

Average shelf life of omega 3 capsules is mainly 2 to 3 years. The p. Our product meets specified regulations and standards. The proper storage condition helps to avoid oxidation.

General FAQs

What accumulates in the human body in the long term, despite low levels of pollutants in the fish oil raw materials?

Generally, our fish oil contains natural ingredients, and it doesn’t contain any toxic substance. So, there is no chance of accumulating any pollutants in the body.

Can you overdose on MVS Omega-3 supplement, and if so, what happens then?

Overconsumption of all supplements and medicines cause negative effects on health. Also, the overdose of omega 3 supplements has a negative effect on brain health.

What criteria are important when choosing a good fish oil?

  • Check the Form of the Omega 3s: Ethyl esters are not as well absorbed as triglycerides, and may be more prone to oxidation. So, try to choose a natural triglyceride form of fish oil for best absorption.
  • Check the Amount of EPA & DHA
  • Check the fish source
  • Check the purity and freshness
  • Check if any antioxidants or vitamin E is present in the product.  It will also help to prevent oxidation.

Your fish oil supplement should include an antioxidant to help protect the oil from spoiling. Check the label for ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin C, or rosemary oil as supplements with these ingredients are less likely to be spoiled. You should also check the expiration date; the older the supplement, the more likely it has started to oxidize.

What is the difference between natural fish oil and a fish oil concentrate?

Fish oil concentrates often contain only 2-3 different fatty acids. In comparison, the content of a natural fish oil complex consists of over 50 different fatty acids, which contribute positive effects to the body in various ways and are equivalent to eating fish.