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Your health is our mission!

That’s why we work tirelessly to help you take care of it, the best way possible!

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MVS Pharma GmbH is an innovative company, dedicated to providing high quality, all-natural nutritional supplements and its own medical device to protect against virus transmission. Located in Stuttgart, Germany. The Founder & CEO of MVS Pharma GmbH is Rainer Proksch.

MVS Pharma GmbH has its own international team of professionals and experts in many fields, such as natural biology, chemistry, molecular genetics, biotechnology, medical engineering and pharmacy.

MVS-Pharma is currently working on several projects: the development and test of Virudol® Antivirual Mouth and Nasal Spray, Virudol® Antivirual Room Spray, the clinical research of a supplement for the natural treatment of osteoarthritis and manufacturing and merchandising of MVS-Omega 3 capsules. 

Our Products Offer a Healthier Lifestyle for Everyone!

Our Principles

Safety and Efficacy

We guarantee, that our highest priority is the safety and efficacy of our products. This means that we conduct extensive research, clinical studies, constant monitoring and documentation to ensure it.

Our Principles

Quality Assurance

With MVS-Pharma GmbH you get products of the highest quality standards. We ensure this by adhering to good manufacturing practice and carrying out regular quality checks on ingredients.

Our Principles

Innovation and Research

We play a crucial role in our niche in the development of new products, food supplements and medical devices. In doing so, MVS-Pharma GmbH invests in research and development to find innovative solutions, especially on a natural and unpolluted basis.

Our Principles

Our medical products

We want to make our medical products accessible and affordable to those who need them.
In this way, we establish a good balance between the pricing and the natural raw materials.

Our Principles

Our ethical principles

MVS-Pharma GmbH stands for transparency, integrity and ethically correct behaviour. You can expect responsible marketing practices, accurate and fair presentation of clinical trial data, and compliance with regulations and ethical guidelines.

Our Principles

Collaboration and Partnerships

MVS-Pharma GmbH collaborate with healthcare providers, researchers, and patient advocacy groups to improve our customers outcomes. This includes sharing knowledge, participating in collaborative research projects, and engaging in dialogue to address healthcare challenges.

Our Principles

Environmental Responsibility

In recent years, there has been a growing expectation to consider the environmental impact. This involves sustainable manufacturing practices, reducing waste generation, minimizing the release of pollutants into the environment and avoid plastic which means using new packing technologies.

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