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Quality Over Quantity

 Our company Principles

Raw material

We source our raw material almost exclusively from India, the country that is seen as the world's pharmacy and has centuries of experience in growing, cultivating and using medicinal plants. We only buy from producers who are aware of tradition, observe strict environmental regulations and pay attention to the highest purity and quality, and who undergo ongoing certifications.


Here we work exclusively with certified manufacturers who are responsible for careful processing and proper storage of the raw materials. We check this at regular intervals through our own on-site administration


Our production partners are also certified companies that have many years of experience in the processing of high-quality raw materials and combine them with the latest technology and use the results of scientific research to produce safe and hygienically perfect end products. We also pay special attention to ensuring that the materials in contact, such as capsules and casings, are also included in our Nature First strategy.

Local Purchasing

We maintain our own purchasing organization in India, which is the local contact for the manufacturers, the producers and the inspectors of quality assurance from TÜV and with whom we are in close contact.

Quality assurance

You can expect us to maintain high quality standards in manufacturing and production. This includes adhering to good manufacturing practices, conducting regular quality controls and ensuring consistent formulation and packaging of medicines.
This ensures that the necessary priority is given to effectiveness, safety, purity, durability and interactions. These regulatory processes ensure that our products are safe and effective for their intended use.

Our Own Research team

MVS employs its own specialists from medicine and pharmacy, whose sole task is to comb through the scientific databases as a basis for new developments, but also as an update for existing products, and to make the results and recommendations available to the research team.

Research & Development

Based on the results from our research, our professionals create variants of possible compositions, examines possible interactions, selects suitable raw materials and creates instructions for studies.


We work closely with reputable national and international research laboratories and clinical study providers to check our results, improve them, make them safer and prove efficacy and results.

Working with experts

We maintain close contact with universities, researchers, healthcare providers, patient advocacy groups, etc. to further improve results. This includes sharing knowledge, participating in joint research projects and engaging in dialogue to address healthcare challenges.

Accessible and affordable products

We guarantee that, thanks to our intensive research and the results obtained, you can be sure that our products are both medically and technically up to date.
We are also working to ensure that information from our results is made accessible and easy to understand by anyone. This is important for us, as most of the time people are misled due to reading out-dated information online (especially in the supplement industry).
In addition, we strive to give our customers the upmost high quality products at affordable prices. With us, you get the best possible price, taking into account the quality of the ingredients and all the processes it takes to bring them to your shelves in the most fresh state possible! Furthermore, our products are constantly tested for their pollutant content and all processing steps are controlled to exclude contact with plastics and plasticizers.


We invest a not inconsiderable amount in innovations for the development of new products, but also in the further development of initial scientific studies and promising approaches based on Nature First.
These are not only limited to the primary substances, but we also apply these standards to the secondary requirements such as capsules, additives and packaging, which are usually neglected. The next time you make a purchase, make sure you get information about the capsules, what happens in heat and strong light when the products come into contact with plastic and its plasticizers.

Environment & Ethics

We consider the impact on the environment in all of our processes. This includes sustainable manufacturing practices, reducing waste, minimizing the release of pollutants into the environment and avoiding plastic.
We follow ethical business practices, which we define as transparency, integrity, ethical conduct, responsible marketing practices, accurate and fair presentation of clinical trial data, and compliance with regulations and ethical guidelines.

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