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MVS Pharma GmbH is an innovative pharmaceutical company located in Stuttgart, Germany. The Founder & CEO of MVS Pharma GmbH is Rainer Proksch. The company has its own international team of professionals and experts in many fields, such as natural biology, chemistry, molecular genetics, biotechnology, medical engineering and pharmacy.

MVS Pharma is a manufacturer, with an own team of professionals and experts in each field! And because the main goal of the company is the well-being of its customers, it makes sure to create all its products using only the best raw materials, free from heavy metals, pesticides, plastic, etc!

MVS-Pharma GmbH projects are at the moment development and test of Virudol® Antivirual Mouth and Nasal Spray, Virudol® Antivirual Room Spray, the clinical research of a supplement for the natural treatment of osteoarthritis and manufacturing and merchandising of MVS-Omega 3 capsules.

Through our Indian office we have established direct contacts with key suppliers for medicine and raw materials for the manufacture of supplements in India.

Due to the acute shortage of a lot of kinds of medicine, especially antibiotics for children, we are at the moment working to import these missing antibiotics from India. It will be called Elvantine® and is an Amoxicillin based antibiotic.

Our Story

MVS Pharma GmbH has been developed out of the founder's passion to help people stay healthy and protect against the most common cold viruses, such as Rhino Virus, Influenza Virus and Corona Virus. Since the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, back in 2019, millions of people got infected with the extremely dangerous virus. Pharmaceutical companies worldwide were focused on the production of vaccines. Vaccination protection and the risk of infection are two very different areas after all. Therefore, people also try to protect themselves by wearing masks and using PCR and rapid tests. The founder of MVS Pharma GmbH, Rainer Proksch, wondered if there is another way to reduce viral load and making mask-wearing optional.

Breaking grounds in innovation

Until this moment no company has dealt intensively with the question of “whether a solution could not be found” in which all people would be protected against transmission of viruses for a period of several hours, only by administrating natural substances.
This is when an idea came to Mr. Proksch and he commissioned a study to find out if there are natural substances, which in the perfect combination, would grant a higher and longer-lasting protection against viral transmission. The result after various and extensive trials and tests is Virudol®.

The ground breaking product is unique not only because of its all natural substance ingredients, but also because the spray bottle is so innovativly designed that spraying into the mouth and nose is only a matter of finest nebulization and there are no droplets or a jet, which could be very uncomfortable.


In addition, the requirement for the creation of the bottle was not to use any preservatives in order not to limit the naturalness and possibly multiple uses. Durability and protection against heat should also be guaranteed.

All in all, these factors give people intensive protection against the transmission of above-mentioned viruses for the duration of several hours in a completely natural and pleasant way.

Additionally, Virudol ®’s protection system has a further task, which is an air system (ventilation component) that distributes the well-smelling natural substances that bind to transmissible airborne viruses. So the load of infectious viruses in areas where many people come together is reduced. The technology for the antiviral system Virudol® uses a novel combination of natural plant based and algae substances in a defined specific way to protect people, reduce viral load and provide prophylaxis.

The outcome of using Virudol air system will be to reduce the load of infections in areas where many people come together.

Virudol® has so far been completely self-financed, for which a patent has also been registered.

Virudol® is a registered trademark in the EU and has also been registered in Qatar.

*No one, including us, can guarantee 100% protection against viruses, but the use of Virudol® can be a first step in this direction.

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