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Our team of Professionals

Rainer Proksch

Founder & CEO of MVS Pharma GmbH and MyVitaminSolutions Pvt.Ltd

Mr. Proksch is a Management Consultant at PwC Germany and has more than 25 years experience in this filed. With a professional approach to every situation and an innovative mindset, he makes sure that each decision is a step in the right direction. Mr. Proksch is also a Start-up Founder of several companies, including MVS Pharma, all of which operate according to a solid business model. 

Dr. Eva Kuennemann

Biologist with a PhD in natural sciences

Dr.Kuennemann is responsible for performing literature, and patent research, creating chemical simulations and calculations at MVS Pharma GmbH. She is also involved in the development and testing of the formulation of the company’s ground-breaking product Virudol.

Dr. Michail Georgakis

PhD in Chemical Engineering and Computational Chemistry

Dr. Michail is in charge of Modelling, Simulations, and Calculations in all of MVS Pharma’s projects, as well as many other activities, including Investigation of physical and chemical properties of compounds and systems; Solving chemical, physical and engineering related problems; etc.

Dr Disha Trivedi

PhD in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology

Dr. Trivedi is working as a medical writer and researcher at MVS Pharma GmbH. She creates informative articles that answer people’s most asked questions about health, in a way that is strictly objective and backed up by science and research.

Lisa Raacke

Diploma Nutritionist

Lisa acts as an interface between the different departments. She is mainly responsible for the documentation and a functioning QM system.

Vipasha Bhatt

Regulatory Affairs Manager and Project Manager

Vipasha has a role of a ‘PRRC’ at MVS Pharma. She is the ‘Responsible Person’ for maintaining quality oversight of the company’s entire wholesale operation in compliance with the EU laws and regulations. Moreover, she also ensures that an adequate Quality and Documentation Management System is established and maintained.

Muhammad Ali

Quality Management Representative

Muhammad Ali is responsible for developing, establishing and maintaining QM System of MVS Pharma. Moreover, he ensures the compliance of national and international standards and regulatory requirements.

Riya Jayapal Roja

Senior Pharmacist

Riya is in charge of detailed analysis of product formulation, quality checks, market research and advising the purchase department at MVS Pharma GmbH. She also conducts valuable research, and writes health-related articles.

Ali Youssef

Medical Engineer

Ali Youssef is responsible for designing and prototyping of pharmaceutical and medical products at MVS Pharma GmbH.

Smitha Krishnan

Managing Director of MyVitaminSolutions Pvt.Ltd.

Smitha is in charge of financial planning, customer relationships, and the execution of business strategies. Furthermore, she makes sure MVS Pharma’s activities comply with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical regulations.

Ashish Vijayakumaran

Operations Manager at MyVitaminSolutions Pvt.Ltd

Ashish is responsible for QS, Purchasing and Export. He manages daily office operations, budgets, logistics, and audits to ensure the compliant production of medicines and nutraceuticals.

Miglena Racheva

Managing Director of MVS Pharma Bulgaria Ltd

Miglena is in charge of our Administration Company in Bulgaria – MVS Pharma Bulgaria Ltd. She makes sure that all the documentation complies with EU’s regulations.

Natascha Klenk

Projects Coordination, Sales and Purchase Manager

Natascha is responsible for the coordination of our office in Germany, and she oversees sales and all purchases and all projects at MVS-Pharma.

Mihaela Ahchieva

Digital Marketing and Public relations Manager

Mihaela is in charge of Digital Marketing and Public relations at MVS Pharma GmbH.

Donka Staykova

Administration/Back office & Organization

Donka is responsible for administration and managerial support for the team. Her work includes processing information, research, coordination of the team, organizing meetings, record maintenance, etc.

Iwonne Thielen

Head of Finance & Controlling at MVS Pharma GmbH

Iwonne is responsible for monitoring and optimization of commercial company processes and coordinates funding activities as well.

Hebbas K C

IT/Technical Project Manager

Hebbas leads the technical front at MVS Pharma. He oversees all aspects of our technical operations, and manages project-related tools and applications.

Muhammad Waqas Nawaz

Product Design Engineer

Waqas spearheads the design, development, and procurement of a cutting-edge nasal sprayer. Additionally, he handles diverse design and research needs for MVS Pharma GmbH.

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