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Amtsgericht Stuttgart, 10.04.2024

MVS Pharma GmbH announced today that, in collaboration with its partner in India, Elvantine®-Amoxicillin BP 250 mg/5 ml has successfully passed compliance and laboratory tests. This marks a crucial step in ensuring the product meets all quality standards. This antibiotic dry juice for children features a raspberry flavor and is packaged with a German-language leaflet and a measuring cup marked in millilitre units.

Should shortages of children’s dry juices recur from autumn 2024, MVS Pharma GmbH will be able to import larger quantities swiftly and market them under the exemption regulation AMG § 79.5.

MVS Pharma GmbH  operates its own local purchasing organization in India. Given that over 60% of all medicines are sourced from India, MVS Pharma GmbH is ideally positioned to respond promptly to other shortages of urgently needed medications and to import sufficient quantities of high-quality medicines to address temporary shortages effectively.

MVS Pharma GmbH is an innovative biotech and pharmaceutical start-up company, based near Stuttgart. Working under a holding company, alongside with a development team for supplements in India,  MVS Pharma GmbH is engaged in the research and development of various supplements and has recently been granted a patent for virus protection using natural substances.

Written by: Mihaela Ahchieva
Contact info:
Company: MVS Pharma GmbH
Address: Headquarter Germany; Leinfelder Str. 64, D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Mihaela Ahchieva

Head of Digital marketing and Public Relations at MVS Pharma GmbH