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Leinfelden-Echterdingen, 22.11.2023.  

MVS Pharma GmbH announced today the signing of the NDA for cooperation with an Indian drug manufacturer, in the distribution for Amoxicillin 250mg/5ml dry juice. This substance will be used for the preparation of an oral suspension, which belongs to the group of antibiotics listed on the Federal Ministry of Health’s “Urgent List of Pediatric Medicines Fall-Winter 2023/2024” and for which there are currently delivery bottlenecks.

The next step is for the Indian Pharmaceutical Products Control Authority to grant MVS Pharma GmbH an export license for Amoxicillin 250mg/5ml under the brand name Elvantine®-Amoxicillin BP 250mg/5ml.

Stay up to date and read on the official website – how MVS Pharma GmbH is getting closer to the goal of importing Elvantine®-Amoxicillin BP 250mg/5 ml to Germany step by step, and thus making a contribution to reducing delivery bottlenecks.

MVS Pharma GmbH is an innovative biotech and pharmaceutical start-up company located in Stuttgart, Germany. Working under a holding company, alongside with a development team for supplements in India, MVS Pharma further demonstrates its undeniable global focus on European external biologists, institutes, and internal sales in Europe. The managing director and owner is Rainer Proksch.

MVS Pharma is a manufacturer, with an own team of professionals and experts in each field. And because the main goal of the company is the well-being of its customers, it makes sure to create all its products using only the best raw materials, free from heavy metals, pesticides, plastic, etc. In addition, MVS Pharma is also working on further clinical research into rose hips for a natural treatment of osteoarthritis and pure fish oil, purified from heavy metals, protected against oxidation, and packaged under 7 other steps, which will guarantee it high quality.

Written by: Head of Digital Marketing and Analysis, Mihaela Ahchieva
Company: MVS Pharma GmbH
Contact info:

Mihaela Ahchieva

Head of Digital marketing and Public Relations at MVS Pharma GmbH