About us


MVS Pharma GmbH is an innovative biotech and pharmaceutical start-up company located in Stuttgart, Germany. Working under a holding company, alongside with a development team for supplements in India, MVS Pharma further demonstrates its undeniable global focus on European external biologists, institutes, and internal sales in Europe. Moreover, it is currently building an investment company in the USA. The managing director and owner is Rainer Proksch.

Good health

MVS Pharma has been developed out of the founder's passion to help people stay healthy and protect themselves against viruses. Since the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, back in 2019, millions of people got infected with the extremely dangerous new disease. Pharmaceutical companies worldwide were focused on the production of vaccines. However, protection via vaccination and the risk of infection are always in very different phases. This means that people are therefore trying to protect themselves by wearing masks and using PCR and rapid tests. The founder of MVS Pharma, Mr. Proksch wondered if there isn't another way to reduce the virus load and therefore a mask will be only optional to wear.

Until this moment no company has dealt intensively with the question of whether a solution could not be found for a period of several hours only, in which all people would be protected against transmission only by administrating natural substances.

This is when an idea came to Mr. Proksch and he commissioned a study to find out if there are natural substances, which in the perfect combination would grant a higher and longer-lasting protection against viral transmission. The result after various and extensive trials and tests is Virudol®.


Our mission

The groundbreaking products is unique not only because of its all natural substance ingredient list, but also because the spray bottle is so innovative that spraying into the mouth and nose is only a matter of the finest nebulization and there are no droplets or a jet could be very uncomfortable. In addition, the requirement for the creation of the bottle was not to use any preservatives in order not to limit the naturalness and possibly multiple uses. Durability and protection against heat should also be guaranteed.

All in all, these factors give people intensive protection against the transmission of viruses for the duration of several hours in a completely natural and pleasant way.

Additionally, Virudol ®’s protection system has a second part, which is an air system (ventilation component) that distributes well-smelling natural substances that bind to transmissible airborne viruses. In areas where many people from the whole world come together the load of infectious viruses is reduce. The technology for the antiviral system Virudol® uses a novel combination to apply well-known plant and algae substances in defined specific ways to people to protect them, reduce viral load and provide prophylaxis.

Virudol® has so far been completely self-financed, for which a patent has also been registered.

Virudol® is a registered trademark in the EU and has also been registered in Qatar.

*Nobody, including us, can guarantee 100% sole protection against viruses by using any kind of protection.

In addition, because MVS Pharma has been developed out of the founder's passion for sporting activities and good health, we are also working on further clinical research into rose hips for a natural treatment of osteoarthritis and pure fish oil purified from heavy metals, protected against oxidation and packaged under 7 other steps that will guarantee its' high quality.

We, at MVS Pharma believe that people deserve to have the best option to choose, when it comes to protecting themselves from viruses and being the healthiest that they could be! We want to give people the chance to strive for greatness, having in mind that the most important aspect (their health) is supported by us - giving You high quality protection against viruses and nutritional abundance via high quality supplements, nurturing a healthy and happy You!


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