About us


MVS Pharma GmbH is an innovative biotech and pharmaceutical start-up company located in Stuttgart, Germany. Working under a holding company, alongside with a development team for supplements in India, MVS Pharma further demonstrates its undeniable global focus on European external biologists, institutes, and internal sales in Europe. Moreover, it is currently building an investment company in the USA. The managing director and owner is Rainer Proksch.

Good health

MVS Pharma has been developed out of the founder's passion for sporting activities and good health. He believes that it is needed to give people a superior choice in supplying themselves with the right vitamins and supplements. That is why he wants to produce products with high quality, purity, and detailed information.

It is a common fact that nutrients are essential for everyone. In the last century, nutrient levels have been greatly reduced by mass production, over-fertilization of the soil, and industrialization of fast food. Individual levels of these microelements have decreased due to stress, bad environmental influence, diseases, and lack of time. At MVS Pharma GmbH – we believe that people can do great things and change the world, be that through technology, social causes, charity, researching, etc. We believe that people could overcome their daily struggles if they live a healthy and efficient life, with the help of the right high-quality supplements.


Our mission

MVSPharma’s mission is to produce and sell supplements made from high-quality raw materials and free of harmful substances such as heavy metals or toxins. We make sure that they are sealed in a way that the quality is not negatively impacted due to factors such as light, heat, or lack of protective substances. Oxidation is one of those negative processes that can ruin the quality of oils such as Vitamin D or Omega-3. It is caused entirely by the bad production of capsules and blisters. Our mission is to provide better quality to the safety of our supplements! In this way we will be able to help you stay in high performance, preventing sickness, and restoring health, strength, and vitality.

"Nevertheless, in parallel, we are learning in a very unpleasant way that we cannot master nature, despite new technologies. This is a tough lesson for all of us right now," said Rainer Proksch, CEO & Founder of MVSPharma. Although the world is currently in a state of emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we strongly believe that there is a promising future beyond COVID-19.

Furthermore, due to our international contacts and sense of global responsibility, we have decided to additionally work on solutions in the area of plant research in conjunction with potential virus prevention and protection. Our team members extensively study the field and due to that, they have the necessary knowledge. We are sure there must be solutions because Mother Nature has millions of plants out there. Surely, people discovered many of them, however, there are also many more unknown ones that have not been tested against viruses yet.

Also, we are working on the continuation of existing aerosol research since a major problem with the current COVID virus is aerosol transmission between people. Indeed, we have identified the first, most promising solution and look forward to introducing you to further tested solutions in the near future. Our plant-based products, which will allow close proximity conversations and enable closeness between people without fear within tested time limits, are on the way to be developed.

"Certainly a world in which we no longer have to utilize animal testing and have individually adapted drugs, we can test them faster and more effectively, it is also a world in which MVSPharma wants to establish itself. The future will not be like it was before. It will be different but certainly still worth living." - Rainer Proksch, Founder & CEO of MVS Pharma

We would be delighted if you follow us on our journey and move forward to a better future together. Certainly, it will be mutually beneficial, especially if you want to work with us to spread the idea of our product's potential or if you wish to invest in an ambitious company to ensure availability and accessibility for all.