July 28, 2021
covid vaccine future

Covid-19 vaccine, will it help prepare for the future?

Covid vaccine and how it will affect the future is a common question, that people talk about nowadays. After living in a pandemic for two years […]
May 14, 2021

Billionaire Investors Standing Behind German Drugmakers Developing a Vaccine Against Covid. Here They are.

We have already been though some of the "corona-waves" as they are called and we have working vaccines now. But here it is another vaccine developer company called "CureVac".
May 10, 2021
103-old man get vaccinated

103-years-old Man Who Survived CoVid has Something To Tell You

Do you ever ask yourself how long are you going to live? Do you have any idea how the elderly handles the virus crisis? Well, this man is a 103-year-old who got vaccinated and he has positive thoughts to share with the world.
May 7, 2021

The Future of Nation State after Covid Crisis.

Before COVID-19, there were three trends occurring in the world that challenged the Westphalian notion of nation-states with complete sovereignty over citizens within their borders
April 15, 2021

A Brighter Future After Covid-19

Some perspective about the possible future after Coronavirus and the consequences.
March 24, 2021
New COVID-19 variants are neither something unexpected, nor unlikely to happen.

What You Need To Know For New Variants

For more than a year, world's facing a pandemic that affects our way of living and changes our way of thinking. As all viruses tend to mutate rapidly, new COVID-19 variants are neither something unexpected, nor unlikely to happen. While all global experts joined in multiple researches on a daily basis, there’s been still a numerous questions and concerns that are bothering us.
March 22, 2021
AstraZeneca vaccine is 79 % effective in preventing symptomatic illness and 100% effective against severe disease and hospitalization.

Is The 79 % Effective AstraZeneca Vaccine Really Safe?

While 2020 was a year full of fear of the unknown, empty streets and full houses, 2021 has begun as a year of great expectations and hope vaccines will eventually stop COVID-19 from circulating and killing people all over the world. Since the vaccination campaign is in its most massive phase, the media is overflooded with smiling people, getting their vaccines and promoting ‘I’ve got my vaccine’. As this is a huge step we’ve been waiting for a long time, the overjoy reaction seems to be normal.
March 12, 2021
Covid-19 future

A Post-Pandemic World. The Future of Corona

One year after COVID began its relentless spread across the world, global order is reshaped. In this article you will find out why.
March 9, 2021
COVID-19 vaccines are the only decision scientists may come to for such a short period of time,.

Which COVID-19 Vaccine Is The Best

To get a vaccine or not to get? And if I do, which one is the best for me? - that's what's circulating in the global society for sometime now. And while the Shakespeare question still remains, the massive immunisation is still in progress.