Our team

Eva Kuennemann

Eva is localized in Winterthur, Switzerland and is a biologist with a PhD in natural sciences. She is responsible for various work processes in MVS Pharma, including: performing literature and patent searches, creating chemical simulations and calculations.

Muhammad Waqas Nawaz

Waqas is an industrial designer and co-founder of Devomech Solutions. He has 7+ years of experience in design for manufacturing. He and his team are working on designing, prototyping and sourcing the spray bottle for MVS Pharma.

Dr Disha Trivedi

Dr Disha Trivedi is PhD in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology. She is working as a medical writer and researcher in MVS Pharma.

Iwonne Thielen

Iwonne is responsible for the coordination of the funding processes and assists in administrative processes and.

Ali Keely

Ali is responcible for the design and simulation of a nebulization system, including the medical devices used, and performing the necessary experiments for our Virudol Air System.

Smitha Krishnan

Smitha is the Managing Director, who co-ordinates all the tasks and activities from sourcing to exporting. She gives necessary suggestions and advice to the members for the successful completionof projects. Smtiha helps ensure that all the necessary licenses and certifications are up to date.

Ashish Vijayakumaran

Ashish is the Operations Manager, he manages the overall operations. His duties involve communicating with vendors, building alliances and partnerships with other organizations.

Hebbas K C

Hebbas is the Project Manager, he oversees the server, and the project management tools. He also does research on the various tools and applications required for the successful completion of a project.

Riya Jayapal Roja

Riya is a Senior Pharmacist and is in charge of detailed analysis of product formulation, quality checks, market research and advising the purchase department.


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