On The Spotlight: Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns

Published at: 12.01.2022 17:24

Why are people concerned about the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine? The pandemic is lasting for so long, people forget when it started. Yet desperate in the beginning, we soon came to a solution able to fight COVID-19 and provide long-term protection. And that’s when the COVID-19 vaccines came in to help. As 4 approved in the EU and 3 in the U.S., they prevented many COVID-19 cases and saved lives. After AstraZeneca’s vaccine has possible links to blood clots, the Jannsen COVID-19 vaccine seemed to issue the same concerns, too.

The Janssen COVID-19 vaccine

The Janssen COVID-19 vaccine was authorized for emergency use on 27th February by the FDA for adults above 18 years. Out of 120 million population, 7 million Americans got their dose, 9 got blood clots and 1 of them died.

For the EU it was authorized on 11th March, followed by WHO on the next day, concerning emergency use and COVAX rollout. However, due to the ongoing circumstances, the Jannsen COVID-19 vaccine was never able to go widespread in the EU.

On 9th April EMAs’ Pharmacovigilance, Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) initiated a safety signal review following reports of thromboembolic events. They reported a type of blood clot called cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), in a combination with low levels of blood platelets (thrombocytopenia).

It eventually caused the FDA’s immediate response for the U.S. to pause the vaccination with the Jannsen COVID-19 vaccine, ‘out of an abundance of caution. Although the cases are extremely rare, the vaccine safety is questionable and brings people to decline the Jannsen COVID-19 vaccine.

So, which side effects should make us cautious and seek medical attention right on the spot?

It’s important to note that symptoms develop 4-5 days up to 3 weeks after vaccination, which differs from the normal side effects. If you express headaches, leg pain, abdominal pain, and shortness of breath, experts advise evaluation with a coagulation test. However, if it’s been a month since you got the Jannsen COVID-19 vaccine, you are most likely out of trouble.

There are a few more things about the investigated cases we also have to take in mind. All nine of the women suffered cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and had low platelet counts. The Jannsen COVID-19 vaccine somehow activated platelets and led to clots that route blood away from the brain. However, the anticoagulant drug heparin is dangerous and doctors should not administer it as a treatment.

One woman who suffered a clot was using oral birth control medication, according to Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC. There is a risk of blood clots caused by estrogen-containing oral contraceptives. However, Krishna Upadhya, a vice president of quality care and health equity for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, disagreed. As both things aren’t necessarily associated, women receiving the Jannsen COVID-19 vaccine who take hormonal contraceptive pills should continue using it.

Temporarily, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are going to substitute halting of the Jannsen COVID-19 vaccine

Obviously, not every woman between 18 and 48 who got the Jannsen COVID-19 vaccine has to worry or overreact. What’s more disturbing is how two shots of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are going to substitute halting of the Jannsen COVID-19 vaccine. This is a devastating blow to this J&J vaccine effort in the United States Dr. Kavita Patel, a primary care physician in Washington urged.

Finally, we’re at the edge of dealing with a global pandemic and vaccines are essential in overcoming it. It’s not time for hesitating and having second thoughts about whether to get the COVID-19 vaccine or not. We can either be active and decide to schedule a life-saving procedure or surrender to fear and doubts. 

The blood clots identified after the AstraZeneca and Jannsen COVID-19 vaccine are concerning, but appear to be quite rare. In the end, it all depends on us – our choices, our health, our liv


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