Innovating regardless what it does do to nature?

Published at: 21.01.2022 13:45

In our normal lives, we continue to innovate regardless of what it does to nature. Now with the covid-19 pandemic, somehow people started to see that more clearly. It seems that when we slow down and actually have time to think about the really important things, we realize what matters the most. Are people going to continue their fast-paced lives?  Are we going to make radical changes? In this article, we will try to clear the picture and give answers to some questions.

Innovating regardless of what it does do to nature?

Almost every day, we think about our jobs, how to pay all the bills or how to save money for a vaccination. These things are called monotonous everyday life. Until we are paying them attention, we forget to think about all the other things. From time to time, it is good to stop and think about other, more meaningful stuff. For example, how close we have got to destroying nature, due to our urge to expand and conquer.

Nowadays with the coronavirus pandemic situation and all the lockdowns, people had time to think about many different things than usual. It seems like many of us are starting to really realize how fast we are moving to an inevitable change. And guess what – we won't like that change.

For centuries humanity has strived to be on the top of the food chain, and now we did it. However, at what cost does it all come to us? Living in big cities, with many people, rather than small communities, where there is work for everyone. Living amongst so many people makes us forget how valuable each one of us is. This is one big problem of the modern world because it gives people uncertainty about what they are good at and if they are valued.

What is the problem with the world we live in today?

It is said that it's better for people to live together. In places where you can communicate and meet others. This way we can be productive and strive to work together to achieve what we all need- food, water, home.

However, in the 21st-century people seem to take these things for granted. Living in a big, dense city people tend to “go with the crowd”, they lose a part of their personality. When this happens, we often tend to stop thinking of bigger things. We start to pay attention only to our daily routines and it is not okay. In order to move forward as species and grow and develop in a productive way, in harmony with the world, the nature, we have to open our eyes. We cannot continue to build cities of metal and expect to be happy and healthy in cages.

The lockdown, due to the pandemic froze the world. Suddenly people had to stay home, so they can be safe. And when you are at home - there isn't much fun or what to do all day. This was the breaking point when many of us started thinking more about different things and what really matters. If we continue to innovate this way, regardless of what it does to nature, soon we won't have the tools or the environment to do so.

Let's not forget...

In the end, this situation has tested and continues to test humanity, just like other pandemics before. The question is – are we going to make a change, that will be healthy and good for all of us? Or we are going to continue our path of destruction, in order to innovate?


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