How To Make The New Normal Work For Us

Published at: 25.11.2021 16:33

New normal in life with Coronavirus. As time is passing by, the weather outside is constantly changing. There’s one thing globally that’s going to stick with all of us for certainly a long period, and that’s COVID-19. If avoiding crowded places, keeping a distance, and wearing a mask has been considered strange behavior before, nowadays it’s perfectly normal.

Accept the change 

So has the coronavirus really changed our everyday routines, so much that we can’t handle it? Looking at it through the eyes of a human, coping with a disease should not be a problem. We’re used to living in a world rapidly changing and full of challenges every minute and everywhere.

Historically speaking, COVID-19 is hardly ever to be the first pandemic case the world has ever seen. Starting with the plague and going through smallpox and cholera, our mankind has developed various and successful strategies for fighting and defeating COVID-19.

Many of the so-called ‘undefeatable‘ situations were somehow thought to be like a ”mission impossible ” when they happened. But at the end of it all, the world did survive, and it will do it again. Let’s think of the basic steps for letting go of the crisis that we have all developed unconsciously driven by experts' advice: 

Stay away from news and social media

We should all give ourselves a break from it and enjoy having more time with people that matter to us the most. Practicing activities we enjoy and otherwise are pushed in the corner is essential. Escaping children’s noise and interruptions is impossible, and we should just face it and … embrace it. 

Now, this can be a tricky one, because either way, you need to be informed and prevent burnout. Otherwise, you remain misled by the thousands of fake news that attack almost every media you get access to. The Key is in finding out where your limit is and sticking with it. Otherwise, it could be a double-edged sword. it’s all about lowering your standards and expectations on what you can achieve and how long it is going to take. Along with that, it’s just self-motivation and positive thinking, which is not so hard, isn’t it?

New normal for life with Covid-19?

Actually, last summer celebrities have created a new and creative way of dealing with all this mess in our heads. Some of us certainly felt like it is going to stick with us forever.

The platform that unites Hugh Jackman, Shailene Woodley, Penelope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Busy Philipps, Danai Gurira, and Robin Wright is not only their acting abilities but the desire to help. They and many other Hollywood stars joined together and shared their social media accounts with experts from the US to Nigeria. 

So, you see — everyone has their own way of facing the COVID-19 problem. And if you feel like doing whatever you want, then you should just do it right now. There’s absolutely nothing that’s going to stop you, not coronavirus or anything else in the world. Now that the vaccines are here, and they’re also bringing so many questions to the table, all we can do is calm down, follow the rules to protect ourselves and the people we care about the most, and see what happens.


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