How does winter 2021 look like during COVID-19?

Published at: 12.01.2022 23:19

Many people wonder what the winter of 2021 is going to look like during COVID-19. Is it going to be the same as last year? Will we have the same safety measures, is the virus going to infect more intensely during the cold season? Overall people wonder when our lives are going to get back to normal. This is the subject that we are going to talk about in this article.

Winter 2021 during COVID-19

It is clear that now we have a vaccine against coronavirus which seems to work for protection. However many people still get infected, even if they are vaccinated. The good news is that they don't experience the same severe symptoms as unvaccinated people. The opinion-whether or not the vaccine actually works or even if it's safe to administer differs from person to person.

The vaccine has separated two groups of people worldwide –  people who believe it works and it is safe, and the ones who think the opposite. The good thing is that we are still free to decide whether to get vaccinated or not. However, governments around the world are pressuring people into doing it. They claim that we are obligated to do it, in order to stay healthy and protected.

Last winter – 2019 – we had precautions against gathering too many people at one place, all clubs, restaurants, and malls were closed. People were literally isolated from everything normal in their lives. With the end of winter, many of us thought that COVID-19 will go away because scientists said that the virus can't survive in the summer. Well, I guess they thought wrong because here we are one year later and coronavirus is still gaining power.

So is it going to be different this winter?

Governments are stating that now, there are even more cases of infected people with COVID-19, than last year, at this time. This makes them push even harder to try and make people take the vaccine. They discourage people from gathering in large groups, even if they are outdoors. The masks will continue to be mandatory in shops and other closed spaces.

The government of England even urges people to work from home and avoid social contact. They are encouraging people to follow the safety measure in order to not get infected with the coronavirus. The government of England even wants to give an additional boost to people who took the vaccine, another shot.

The lifestyle of people - winter 2021 during COVID-19 -Air purifiers

Last year was shocking to everyone. We weren't expecting to welcome the new year with a new pandemic, that will shut down the whole world. However, people quickly started changing their way of life, in order to stay safe.

So what can you do this winter, while coronavirus is still infecting people? Social distancing is a measure that people try to ignore now after so much time has passed since the initial crises. Of course, the masks are here to stay for God knows how long. Working at home is not available for everyone. This is why governments encourage companies to install air purifiers in office buildings. They can purify the air and are not so expensive or big. Some schools or universities have whole HVAC ventilation systems that purify the air. But why not have the same effect at home, with the help of a much smaller and more efficient device?

Specialists believe that air purifiers are the new best safety measure against COVID-19. People should try to put one in their homes, in the room they spend the most time in. We all know that keeping the airflow in the rooms is important. But why not have fresh air without opening the window and letting all the heat out?

This is the new measure for winter 2021 during COVID-19. It actually makes sense and it is healthy for us, not only in one way. To have pure and clean air in the spaces we spend our time in can be a game-changer for our health, especially for families that have smokers.


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