How COVID-19 will change our future city life?

Published at: 24.01.2022 15:35

Will COVID-19 change the future of city life? Many people don't understand this, but small changes in our daily routines are happening because of coronavirus. From choosing to order food online, to reserving your own desk at an office building. Those are all changes that are very likely to stay even after the pandemic is over. Let's see what a futuristic city might look like due to the covid-19 pandemic.

How COVID-19 will change our future city life?

Doing our research we stumbled upon a video on The channel that streams it - is called "the Wall Street Journal" and the video has over 3 million views. In the video - the young woman shares her thoughts about how our daily lives might change in the future. It is very interesting to see exactly how much we will get used to doing things online. This way we won't have to be actually present anywhere.

Imagine a life, where you get up in the morning and have to reserve your desk at the office building via mobile app. After that, you choose online the meal you want and from where to order it. People will have to shift working hours and distribute them, because of commute density during peak hours. Urban life is not the same as it was before. Now, more than ever many people live in big cities. Having this pandemia and the problem with crowded spaces, we will have to adjust to a new normal life.

The idea for flowing work hours and shifts is to help reduce overcrowding of spaces. As we can see Covid-19 is here for almost 2 years of our lives. It is here to stay for no one knows how long. Companies are struggling to find a way that they can continue operating without cutting off employees, due to overcrowding in the workspaces.

How many more changes can we expect in our daily lives because of coronavirus?

At the start of the pandemic many big and small companies were forced to let go of some of their employees. The reason was to avoid commute density in working spaces. Now the world is slowly trying to get back to normal. Many companies have broken down and lost everything due to the pandemic, for example – Swarovski. One of the reasons why this happens is because production places weren't safe to work in for many people at once.

A survey of corporate real estate professionals was found out that 60% of them think that remote work will continue after the covid pandemic.

So there might be a big chance that integrated booking apps on our phones will be the "new wave" and important for how we manage our daily lives. We might use them to tell us if a certain workspace in an office building is overcrowded, or if there is a free meeting room available and for what hours precisely.

Touchless technologies are something we should be looking forward to using more and more.

Of course, these changes are gonna be more so for people that work in big companies, in big buildings, with many people. According to one research company, around 25 000 US stores could have permanently closed in 2020. The pandemic has made online shopping not just a bonus, but a necessity. Retailers need to take everything they offer online in hope that their business will survive this way.

Bicycles – future changes in city life because of covid-19!

Many people don't own a personal car, or even if they do, they prefer to get on the bus or metro, to avoid traffic and parking. Getting to work, shops, or schools by riding a bicycle is something that many municipalities are encouraging people to do.

This will help reduce the crowd in public transport and also will help people to stay active, as that is vital for their health and well being. Definitely, we will see more bike alleys on our streets, and surely it is a good thing. So what to expect from a future life in the city? Crowded spaces will most likely be a thing of the past. More and more people will prefer to order things like clothes and food online. Local businesses probably will close down, due to the fact that many people stop going to the actual stores. But let's not forget that these changes will help us stay safe during living with coronavirus.


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