Foods that contain Zinc

Published at: 12.01.2022 23:31

Which foods are high in Zinc? In one of our previous articles – “Meet the Zinc – an essential mineral”, we took a look at its benefits. However, we should know what is the recommended dosage if we take it in the form of food supplements. In this article, we will inform you on the subject. Let’s see which foods are high in Zinc which is one of the essential minerals, that our body needs. Regardless of how useful the food supplements are, the best way to intake important vitamins and minerals – is through healthy meals. Our bodies do not store Zinc, so it is recommended to eat foods containing it. This way we can get enough of the daily requirements naturally.

Here is a shortlist of foods high in zinc.

1.   Oatmeal and whole grains – like oats, rice, quinoa, and wheat, contain some zinc.

Keep in mind that grains contain phytates, which bind to Zinc and decrease its absorption. However, they are beneficial for a healthy diet and a good source of many important nutrients like vitamins from the B group, fiber, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and selenium.

2.  Seeds and nuts

For example cashew – one small package or roughly 60 grams, and contains 3 mg of Zinc. Also, 30 grams (about 3 tablespoons) of hemp seeds contain 31% and 43% of the recommended daily intake for men and women. Other seeds that contain significant amounts of Zinc are squash, sesame, and pumpkin seeds.

3.  Chickpeas and legumes – including nuts, again, but also some beans contain high amounts of zinc.

4. Shellfish and seafood such as crabs, oysters, and lobster

One serving of cooked Alaskan king crab (3 ounces) has 6.48 milligrams of zinc, and one small lobster – about 5 mg of it. But in that food group – oysters are the winner when it comes to zinc contain. Six medium oysters provide 32 mg.

If you’re not sure that you are getting enough Zinc through your diet – consult with your healthcare provider about the possibility of taking a supplement.


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