Air purifiers and HEPA filters – innovative ways to fight Covid-19

Published at: 12.01.2022 21:12


In uncertain pandemic times - we have to find a safe and innovative solution! Air purifiers and HEPA filters are the perfect way to purify the air around us and protect the ones we love! We all know that with the first fallen leaves and cold chills – autumn is slowly coming to show us its beauty. It is almost the end of September – that time of the year, which makes us want to stay more at home and indoors. It is not even necessary to be under lockdown. Unfortunately, Covid-19 is still here and infecting people around the world; and the pandemic situation doesn’t seem to come to an end soon. Luckily, air purifiers are an innovative solution to deal with it!

As we spend most of our time indoors, we need new and new ways to protect ourselves.

We all know how a Covid infection starts; we all know that it is transmittable through aerosols in the air. Of course masks, hand sanitizers, and some nasal sprays are useful ways of protection, but still, we need something more. Especially for the people who do not want to take the vaccine jab, and not only for them – vaccinated people also could use extra protection. And that’s not all – there are so many sources of indoor pollution, which can negatively affect human cognition and health. Such as gases and particles emitted by building materials and furniture; CO2 (carbon dioxide) exhaled by the building’s occupants, etc

Improving filtration, ventilation, and air processing can help us live in a healthier environment

For example, air purifiers with HEPA (with High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are the perfect innovative solution. Especially during the cold months when we spend most of our time behind closed doors. As we all know people can infect with Covid-19 by inhaling it from the air that we share. The virus particles are tiny and often linger in the air in closed spaces.

Experts are saying that air purifiers with HEPA and HyperHEPA filters can remove 99% of small particles. Those devices are also relatively cheap; simple; quick and effective ways to clear potentially infectious aerosols.

Let’s take a look at how an air purifier filter works. There are two types – mechanical air purifiers that use filters to catch big particles with a mesh filter. Usually, it is made out of special synthetic fibers or woven glass. The second type is HyperHEPA or HEPA air purifiers that work by mechanical filtration. Those kinds force air through a fine vent that traps particles.

Most off-the-shelf devices for purifying air, which work with HEPA filters, are capable of removing more that 99% of all kinds of particles sized down to 0.30-1.0 microns

Therefore, they are a helpful way to filter bacteria, airborne viruses, and small particles. They can’t entirely eliminate Coronavirus transmission, but still, they can help to reduce the risk. This approach is thoroughgoing and some schools over the world have already started programs for installations of air purifiers in classrooms and teacher’s offices.

Their units are already available for online purchasing and the shipping is very easy via all the existing delivery services. The logistics are not so expensive, nor complicated. Also, the installation takes minutes. The one and only thing to think about is the need of ensuring proper PPE when the filter needs changing.

By combining air cleaning devices with other risk-reduction ways, we can achieve an affordable way to reduce the risk of viruses spread between unvaccinated people and households.

Their technologies can be separated into four categories: catalytic oxidation; ultraviolet disinfection, electrical ionization, and filtration. Some of those technologies have been famous for decades. Still, the biggest question is – are they effective against coronavirus?

So far, some of them are backed up by solid data, while others need more studies. An air purifier can be a solution in cleaning the air from pollutants and viruses, but can’t stop all variants of transmission.


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