6 antiviral herbs to keep you safe

Published at: 15.02.2022 14:36


Thanks to their antiviral properties, herbs have helped people for hundreds if not even thousands of years to prevent and treat all sorts of illnesses, including viral infections. People create herbal remedies individually or in combination, however, it takes various formulations to develop them the right way to produce an effective treatment. Nowadays, countless biologically active agents are linked to having various therapeutic functions. Many people think that herbal medicines and all-natural products have the potential to help develop novel antiviral drugs. However, further research is needed to support these claims, so be advised if taking any concentrated herbal remedies.

Here are 6 herbs that have strong antiviral activity


This aromatic herb is a member of the mint family and has been used in traditional medicine to treat viral infections for a long time. Sage contains compounds called safficinolide, which possess antiviral properties and are found in the leaves and stem of the plant. During test-tube research, it was found that this herb could potentially help fight human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1), which can cause AIDS. In one study, sage extract prevented the virus from entering target cells, meaning that it significantly inhibited HIV activity.


There are a lot of different types of basil, which includes sweet and holy varieties, and they could help fight certain viral infections. Results from a test-tube study found that sweet basil extracts demonstrate potent effects against herpes viruses, hepatitis B, and enterovirus. Another version of the herb, known as holy basil has been shown to increase immunity, which could potentially help prevent or fight viral infections.

Garlic - antiviral herbs

Everybody knows that garlic is famous for being a natural remedy for a large variety of conditions, including viral infections. 23 adults with warts caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) participated in a study and were applying garlic extract to the affected areas twice daily. After 1-2 weeks the warts were eliminated in all of them. According to animal and test-tube studies, garlic has the ability to enhance the immune system by stimulating protective immune cells. This on its own can help prevent you and safeguard the body against viral infections.


It is widely known that Echinacea is used as an ingredient in herbal medicine because it possesses impressive health-promoting properties. People use many parts of the plant, such as its flowers, leaves, and roots, to create natural remedies. Native Americans used Echinacea purpura, a variety of the herb, to cure a wide array of conditions, including viral infections.

Rosemary - antiviral herbs

Many of us use Rosemary for cooking in our daily lives. However, it also has therapeutic applications due to its numerous plant compounds, including oleanolic acid. According to animal and test-tube studies, Oleanolic acid has been shown to have antiviral activity against herpes viruses, HIV, influenza, and even hepatitis.


Peppermint has been used by people for centuries and is even now commonly added to teas and food. Furthermore, it is popular for its' powerful antiviral qualities able to naturally treat viral infections. Its leaves and essential oils contain active components, including menthol and rosmarinic acid, which possess antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity.


Since ancient times people have used herbs have been used as natural remedies against illnesses. Nowadays, you can find many of them in the store, also known as common kitchen herbs, which include basil, sage, and peppermint. However, they also have powerful antiviral properties against a variety of viruses that cause infections.

It is very easy to consume these herbs in your daily life, by adding them to a recipe or making teas out of them. Keep in mind that in case you decide to supplement with any herbal products, you should first consult your doctor.


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