5 Things that help to deal with stress caused by COVID-19

Published at: 12.01.2022 17:08

Stress from Covid-19 is something everyone deals with. Besides restrictions, COVID-19 provides us with a lot of stress and negativity. Anxiety is a normal reaction of the human body to face a pandemic situation. However panic and fear might be as dangerous to ourselves, as to people around us.

It’s not that we’re too weak or something is generally wrong with us. It’s all in the air, the media, the sounds of ambulances that surround our everyday life. ( How to deal with stress from Covid-19?)

Until the pandemic is all over, we’ve got to stay as calm and focused, as we can. The COVID-19 vaccines are here, new ones are in progress, and every day we come closer to achieving the unique solution.

And again: did we stay stable and not driven by transitory emotions, overtaking us, as lockdowns come and go? Did our relationships with one another grow stronger more than ever? Or did the opposite happen? Sharing evenings and weekends can be achieved as a quiet, peaceful time with your loved one. However, spending every 24 hours together is another story, and it doesn’t always finish with a happy ending. Fighting about children, labor chores, nasty habits, and other things is a challenge, not every couple survives after.

So, how can we continue living as a happy couple? It turns out there’s always a way out of every situation. There’s always an expert with years of research and clinical experience to share. 

1. Accept the situation.

It’s most important to understand that accepting means facing the new normal, not confronting it, and trying to change it. This means you have to directly lower your expectations on what you can achieve. Also how long it is going to take and what you’re doing right or wrong. And while self-judgment and self-respect are important virtues, the same must be applicable to your partner. You must learn to appreciate pandemic outbreaks as a possibility to spend more time with your partner. There is an opportunity to go deeper in your relationship, instead of ruining it with accusations and insults.

You have to adjust yourself to it, while also being able to enjoy giving away and taking in return. As the Austria and Germany survey, conducted by Barbara Rothmuller shows, in the past year couples actually had more fun together. In April 74 % of them appeared to like the company of their beloved one. Furthermore, they felt the same way in November, dropping a few percent to 69 %.

2. Make a space for yourself. (How to deal with stress from Covid-19?)

A 69-year song by the American singer Dan Hicks says: “How can I miss you when you won’t go away?“ Well, it can all be applied to nowadays pandemic situations. Everybody needs a space where they can be together with others and one where they can be alone. You have to learn how to mitigate between the two, without hurting your partner’s feelings.

It’s not easy to fight for privacy when there isn’t enough room and everybody’s at home, but it’s not impossible. In fact, it’s an excellent opportunity to explore your partner’s habits. This way you see if there are still some things you don’t know about each other. Whether you’ll like them or not, only time will tell, and that’s what makes COVID-19 a game-changer. 

It takes a lot of patience, empathy, and respect for your beloved one. You have to do it if you want your relationship to go through the crisis, and be a survivor in the end. You have to earn it because you deserve it.

3. Have fun together.

The pandemic pushes you to develop new, common interests. Being involved in an enjoyable activity can connect you in a different way. Grieving is also an option because you certainly share the same emotions. Also, you both have lost in COVID-19 a lot, no matter if it’s a job, relatives, or friends. Maybe you’re just being frustrated by restrictions, obeying orders, and wondering when it all will be over. 

Either way, it’s always easier to have a shoulder to cry on. We’re all going through an extremely hard period. However, the shared fear and pain are less stressful. They make the danger look smaller and give us some consolation, even in a pandemic time.

4. Use sex as a stress killer.

How to deal with stress from Covid-19? Connecting sex and psychoanalysis is known since Sigmund Freud’s theory of 5 stages of psychosexual development. It has been used as a therapy for many years by him and his followers.

In fact, Maastricht University and KU Leuven Institute for family and sexual studies have conducted 2 studies last year. It assumed 10 minutes of kissing and cuddling are enough to provoke a feeling that appeared to be unachievable before. Their survey included couples living in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, who volunteered to participate in it, in exchange for reimbursement. During the coronavirus pandemic, this might be another thing, bonding our relationship and keeping it stronger and well-balanced.

5. Split up domestic chores and set new priorities.

It looks like this one makes sense, much more than the other tips. The reason is that it seized the most common reasons for people to argue when being in lockdown. Again, learning to appreciate someone’s help is needed, and showing gratitude is expected. All the positive emotions are welcomed here and it’s a lot better to be open-minded and show care.


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