3 Steps In Help Of A Global Pandemic Traveler

Published at: 12.01.2022 16:31

What are the steps in help of a global pandemic traveler? Since ancient history, humans have been able to learn and achieve more because of their sense of curiosity. Science has changed gradually, and the sky is no longer a limit, but a new destination to explore. Travelling has become a passion, a desire to reach out to the unknown and see the unseen. Being teased and tempted by travel bloggers and documentary movies, we want to be able to travel RIGHT NOW. 

Steps in help of a global pandemic traveler

The vaccine tracker says the gap between the different countries is getting bigger. Also, the no-shows, speculations, and untrust in COVID-19 vaccines seem to rise by the day.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has all the information available on its website. There you can find an interactive world map. It states COVID-19 travel recommendation by destination. It’s most convenient, as it uses a 4-level system of risk assessment, as well as one level unknown. It might be for the purpose of U.S. citizens only. However, it sure includes absolutely all countries worldwide. It also gathers all information up to one place and it’s quite useful, rather than check each country separately.

What else can you do?

Another great breakthrough is the mobile app, launched by the International Air Travel Association (IATA) – union. It consists of 290 airlines worldwide. The travel pass will eventually be paper-based for people that don’t own a smartphone. It will also allow governments and airlines to digitally collect, access, and share information on the status of individual passengers’ Covid-19 test and vaccination. Since 17th March 2020, it has reached its first trial by Singapore Lines in the international flight from Singapore to London. However, the best is still yet to come, as several carriers signed up for trials in the next weeks and months.

The EU is also concerned about the present situation and is in a process of admitting digital green certificates, in use for EU member states, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. QR code with a digital signature is implemented, to verify the authenticity, integrity, and validity of the certificate.


Depending on its owner preferences, it will be in digital or paper-based form. It will also make free movement easy. It will give insight into the passenger’s health status and if he is vaccinated, or received a negative test result.

So what can we do to help global pandemic travelers? It is important to add only the results of so-called NAAT tests (including RT-PCR tests). Also, rapid antigen tests are eligible for the purposes of the certificate. However, Germany and France already stated their issues over data privacy and social discrimination. This means it’s sure that the whole project will be embraced by all EU member states. 

Adoption by the EU parliament and Council will be the further steps in the procedure in the next few months. Since the UK, USA, and any other 3rd party citizens are out of reach, the World Health Organization (WHO) has promised to create an international trusted framework. European Commission is working in order that the certificates are compatible with systems in third countries outside the EU. Furthermore, it will encourage other countries to recognize the Digital Green Certificate when lifting restrictions on non-essential travel.


Traveling is the most common way of spreading and getting coronavirus. Therefore making it available only to people that have some sort of protection against it, is essential. However, if you can’t possibly delay it, you just have to be prepared for all that’s going to happen. Every country seems to have its own restriction. Also, every airline is yet in a trial process of developing a permanent decision. 

Governments and global organizations are already working on it. It’s all a matter of time when there’s going to be digital transport, suitable for everyone. We’ve been patient enough to wait for the COVID-19 vaccines to come. Now it’s time to give it a chance on global efforts for implementing international traveling rules.


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